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Hotmail login has been replaced by Microsoft as Outlook login. 2023 current Hotmail login and Hotmail open links are here. With the 2023 current Hotmail login link, you can log in to Hotmail com and log into your Outlook e-mail account. In addition to the login process, you can open a new Hotmail account with the Hotmail sign up link. Open Hotmail link will direct you to the new account opening page. login, also known as Hotmail sign in, allows you to log in to your MSN, Hotmail account, whose name is changed to Long after Microsoft started providing e-mail services, it changed the name of Hotmail to Outlook. Nothing happened to your Hotmail account. Just your e-mail address and inbox interface is more integrated, advanced and faster. You can also access Microsoft accounts such as Hotmail, Skype, Live, MSN with your free Outlook email.

Use the links below to log in, sign in or open an account such as Hotmail, MSN, Skype, Live:

Hotmail login page

MSN login and login page

Hotmail account login page

MSN account opening page

Hotmail com was founded in 1996 in the Golden State of California by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. It’s a unique idea that is still enjoyed by users of the World Wide Web (www), aka anyone on the internet. Hotmail started as a website mail service that could send text messages from one part of the world to another. It eventually became the world’s first full-fledged webmail service used to send and receive anything in digital form. There are billions of people who log into Hotmail and use this service for the transmission and reception of your digital data.

Now let’s get back to how you can login to this world famous e-mail service Hotmail / Outlook.

Hotmail Sign up – Hotmail Register

  • Go to
  • “ Don’t have an account? Create one! “ Create one! “Choose it.
  • Click on “ Get a new email address ”.
  • You can open a Hotmail ending with , and .
  • Type your username in the box that says “ New email ”. Do not use Turkish characters. Click “ Next
  • Set your password with at least 8 characters on the “Creating a password” page Your password must contain upper and lower case letters, special characters and numbers.
  • Click “ Next ” if you have created your password
  • Then enter your first and last name and click “ Next
  • Select the country you live in and your date of birth. Click “ Next
  • Then you will be presented with the message “ Please solve the puzzle so we know you are not a robot. ” warning will appear. Click “ Next
  • Solve the captcha puzzle asked of you. If you answered correctly, you will see a blue tick in a circle.
  • Then, “ Stay logged in? ” screen will appear. Skip this screen by saying Yes or No.
  • You are now on your Microsoft Outlook Account page. Here , click on the square with dots next to the text “ Microsoft account ” in the upper left corner of the screen .
  • Click Outlook
  • Hotmail / Outlook Inbox will appear in the new tab.

Hotmail Login

One of the many ways to communicate over the Internet is to send an e-mail. Here, when you log in to Hotmail, you step into a service where you can send and receive e-mail. Email correspondence is a professional medium for formal and sometimes informal conversations. When you want to send a detailed document, you can do so with your e-mail. Or scheduling an official meeting, sending a common e-mail to all employees… We also often use our e-mail account to apply for a job. Therefore, e-mail maintains its importance today despite many alternative data communication methods. If you want to manage this whole communication process through your e-mail address, log in to your Hotmail account now.

Hotmail Sign In

In the Hotmail login window below , you can write your phone number or Skype username as well as your e-mail address. If you want to access your inbox by logging into your Outlook / Hotmail e-mail account and complete the sign in process, follow the login steps below:

  • Click here to go to the www hotmail com en login page .
  • Type your Hotmail email login address. (your username is,, or
  • Click “ Next ”.
  • Enter your password and click “Login”.
  • You will be redirected to your inbox, just like when logging into your old Hotmail and MSN account.

Hotmail com Login from Phone

To login to Hotmail account from Android phone, tablet or iOS (iPhone / iPad) device, you need to download the mobile app. The Hotmail app for iPhone and iPad is available on the Apple App Store, and for Android on the Google Play Store. You can also do the above steps from an internet browser on the phone to login to your Hotmail account without the mobile app. After downloading Hotmail’s mobile app, Outlook, to your device, follow these steps:

  • Tap the Outlook app.
  • Then enter your e-mail address on the “ Add Account ” screen.
  • Select the appropriate extension for your e-mail address after the @ sign below. (,,,,,,
  • Then tap the “Add Account” button in the blue box.
  • Now you will see the “ Enter password ” screen. Enter your password in the box and tap “ Sign in ”.
  • When asked if you want to add another account, tap “Add” if you are going to open another Hotmail session, tap “Maybe Later” to go to your inbox to add it later.
  • Then you will see your Outlook inbox.
  • You can view your e-mails here.

There are two separate mail groups named “Focused” and “Other” in the Outlook Inbox that you open by logging into your Hotmail account on your phone. Under the “Focused” heading, your mails can be seen more regularly than the sending addresses. The “Other” section, by default, sorts your mails according to the most recent mail. Mail Addresses

You have signed in to your account by completing the Hotmail login, Outook email login steps. It is possible to log in to other Hotmail accounts by repeating the same steps to log in to your e-mail account. You can log in to any account you want by using Outlook, the mobile application of Hotmail, or by typing one of the following official Hotmail login sites in your browser:


If you type one of the above in the address bar of any web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.), it will automatically redirect you to “”. Similarly, all other Microsoft site addresses like, open and take you to the Hotmail login sign page to log in.

You can also login to Hotmail from new versions of Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox , Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. (You can reach the 2022 current versions of the browsers you will use while logging in to Hotmail from the links.) By the way, Microsoft Edge and Hotmail, which are part of the same family as Microsoft, create a perfect service combination. The choice is yours.

I Forgot My Hotmail Password

1. To perform a password reset on your Hotmail account whose password you have forgotten

  • Click here for the Hotmail password reset page.
  • Then on the “Recover your account” screen, enter the Hotmail address you forgot the password for and click “Next”.
  • Authentication screen will appear. It appears here if you added a secondary email or phone number when Outlook was signing up. Choose your verification method and click “Next”. You can reset your password by entering the code sent to your phone or secondary e-mail address on the screen.
  • If you can’t verify your Hotmail identity , click  ” I don’t have any of these ” and continue reading the next topic.

When you forget your Hotmail password, you need to authenticate to reset the account password and recover your account. Authentication can be done with Microsoft Authenticator, secondary email, phone number, and Windows Hello. If none of these are available, you will be redirected to the “ Recover your account ” page.

If you say you forgot your Hotmail password , you can do account recovery and password reset here:

2. To change the password of a Hotmail account whose password you know

  • First, go to Microsoft
  • Then login to your Hotmail account.
  • Click on the “ Change password ” shortcut to the right of your name on the Microsoft account page, or find and click the drop-down menu called “ Security ” below.
  • Click on “ Change password ”.
  • Then enter your password and click “ Next ”.
  • On the Hotmail “ Change your password ” page, enter your current password in the “ Current password ” box.
  • Type your new password in the “ New password ” and “ Re-enter password ” boxes.
  • Then hit “ Save ” and change your Outlook password.

If you wish , you can also tick the option “I need to change my password every 72 days “

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